Friday, February 4, 2011

Update Feb 4, 2011

I really need to start updating this thing. So many exciting things happening! Who wants to look at some processss wooorrrrkkkkk?

This is for my digital/ analog class. Basically the premise of the project is to scan something in (drawing, painting, a box, your face, etc) alter it digitally in photoshop somehow, print that, create vectors in illustrator (that will be cut out in the laser printer), place your print in the laser printer, and ka-boom, you've fulfilled your goal of using the laser printer. . . .

Here is my original sketch that I did out of boredom one night

Here it is altered in photoshop

And here are my vectors that I did in Illustrator

I didn't really focus too much on a concept, but I guess what I got out of the final design was the chaotic and jumbled anxieties you get during the weekdays while taking 19 credits, 5 studios included. . . Maybe it's just an unintended self portrait. I plan on drawing a few other friends and doing the same thing.

Be sure to pick up the 3rd issue of Ink Magazine, coming soon to a shelf near you! Here's an illustration I did for an article on the rituals of Rugby.

And process work from a CT comic! - Yep, I just have too much to share in this entry :p



Another update! (I promise) I've cracked open a new sketchbook that my aunt got me from North Dakota (it has a cute little screen print of a buffalo on the front). More pen and ink stuff to come in the near future!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Semester: done

Just finished my first semester as a Junior here at VCU. Woooo! Now for some works.







Monday, October 25, 2010

Perfect Monday in Fall

It's freaking gorgeous outside and the weather is perfect. An overcast, a warm breeze, a productive mind, and it's golden hour. AGH so good!! Too bad it just means that it's going to rain. Fortunately I've got myself a busy evening indoors, working on a painting and a tessellation project.

I went on a day trip to The Shenandoah Valley over the weekend. We were going to camp but the map wasn't very helpful onto where we could and couldn't camp, so we ended up being asked to leave by Ranger Buzz Kill. It was dark by the time they told us we couldn't be there so it was pointless to really search for another sight, unless we risked them finding us again in another camp site that's not actually a camp site but the map says it is. . . Oy, vey.

Well, at least I got some pretty sick pictures.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


So I've had another blogger page, but I forgot the password. Oops.

It was private anyways, so why not make a public one to talk/ share art? Welcome to my life.

Year three of VCU arts and it's not looking any cleaner. I asked my Uncle (who owns his own ad business), "Will I ever give coffee a break?" He paused for a second and ironically took a sip of his coffee. "No. Not in this business."

I'll be posting some works on here for your viewing pleasure (Or criticism. Take what you can get from this). Here is a first glimpse!

(about 9x15" Oil on gesso'd paper)
A painting I did of my kitchen for Illustration class. Pretty basic color blocking, but I think it came out pretty nice for only painting for a month. . .

(31x20" Acrylic and Oil on gesso'd foam board)
Another painting for my concepts class. We had to come up with a design/ illustration referencing "The Birds". Mine was dubbed the most intense in the class.

(Sketchbook page Pen and Gouache)
Did a short series of objects found in my garage. Well, this wasn't exactly in my garage, but I drew/ painted my roommate's bike.