Sunday, October 24, 2010


So I've had another blogger page, but I forgot the password. Oops.

It was private anyways, so why not make a public one to talk/ share art? Welcome to my life.

Year three of VCU arts and it's not looking any cleaner. I asked my Uncle (who owns his own ad business), "Will I ever give coffee a break?" He paused for a second and ironically took a sip of his coffee. "No. Not in this business."

I'll be posting some works on here for your viewing pleasure (Or criticism. Take what you can get from this). Here is a first glimpse!

(about 9x15" Oil on gesso'd paper)
A painting I did of my kitchen for Illustration class. Pretty basic color blocking, but I think it came out pretty nice for only painting for a month. . .

(31x20" Acrylic and Oil on gesso'd foam board)
Another painting for my concepts class. We had to come up with a design/ illustration referencing "The Birds". Mine was dubbed the most intense in the class.

(Sketchbook page Pen and Gouache)
Did a short series of objects found in my garage. Well, this wasn't exactly in my garage, but I drew/ painted my roommate's bike.

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