Monday, October 25, 2010

Perfect Monday in Fall

It's freaking gorgeous outside and the weather is perfect. An overcast, a warm breeze, a productive mind, and it's golden hour. AGH so good!! Too bad it just means that it's going to rain. Fortunately I've got myself a busy evening indoors, working on a painting and a tessellation project.

I went on a day trip to The Shenandoah Valley over the weekend. We were going to camp but the map wasn't very helpful onto where we could and couldn't camp, so we ended up being asked to leave by Ranger Buzz Kill. It was dark by the time they told us we couldn't be there so it was pointless to really search for another sight, unless we risked them finding us again in another camp site that's not actually a camp site but the map says it is. . . Oy, vey.

Well, at least I got some pretty sick pictures.

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